Why a CIN?

The CIN is being established to improve care collaboration between independent physicians, employed physicians and Lutheran Health Network hospitals. The goal is to provide a platform for all three areas to provide input and establish standardized clinical guidelines, office best practices and a technology solution to improve access, quality and value for the patients and families in our region.

In addition, there is no doubt that big changes are ahead for every aspect of the nation's healthcare delivery and reimbursement infrastructure. Some of these changes have been enacted and under these new reimbursement structures, physicians and hospitals will be increasingly paid based on quality and performance as opposed to the current fee-for-service model that rewards volume over value.

Given these changes, we recognize that the time to act is now. Across the country, healthcare providers are looking for new ways to work together. They find that provider-organized networks are well-positioned to coordinate delivery and management of care through clinical integration (CI). These new networks provide the added benefit of working together to keep the independence of community physicians.

Payors in the market also recognize the value and rationale for CI, leading to enhanced opportunities for CIN members to engage in innovative reimbursement models through payor contracting, including shared savings. The network’s use of technology to measure and track quality improvements and a proactive approach to evidence-based quality practices further support the value that CINs bring to the market.