Rapid Reminders (EMS)

Welcome to Lutheran Hospital's Rapid Reminders! Below you will find short videos on a variety of topics related to the care of patients in the prehospital setting. These videos serve as quick tips and are not designed to replace classroom education. Check back frequently as new videos will be added throughout the year. If you have a topic idea for an upcoming video or need the password to access the videos, contact Angie Double, director of emergency services at Lutheran Hospital, at (260) 435-7205(260) 435-7205.

Season 2

Amy Wills, RN, BSN
Lutheran Health Network
"Stroke Mimics and Chameleons in the Field"

Francis Esquerra, MD, JD, FACOG
OB/GYN, Women's Health Advantage
Medical Executive Committee, Dupont Hospital
"Obstetric Emergencies"

Troy Clouse, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician | Lutheran Hospital
"Initial Management and Treatment of Sepsis in the Field"

Prad George, MD
Trauma Surgeon, Lutheran Medical Group
"Hemorrhage Control"

Tammy Renner, RN, BA
St. Joseph Regional Burn Center
"Prehospital Burn Care"

Janita Patterson, MA, CC, SLP
Lutheran Hospital
"Supportive Safety for Total Laryngectomy Patients"

Physicians and providers presenting are members and independent members of the medical staffs of Bluffton, Dukes Memorial, Dupont, Kosciusko Community, Lutheran, St. Joseph and The Orthopedic hospitals.