Well Time


Commit 2B Fit is a wellness incentive plan at Lutheran Hospital. To encourage healthy behavior, we would like to offer an incentive that is valuable to everyone—time! Each year you can earn up to 16 hours of paid time off. Associates will be rewarded by being healthy and will be rewarded even more for improving their health. The program’s emphasis is to create the greatest reward for those that make the most significant change to their wellness. For example, someone who loses weight gets more credit than an individual that simply maintains his or her weight.

To start the program, stop by Health Services or participate in the next Commit 2B Fit day. There, your health information, such as height and weight, will be collected. You may need to have a lipid panel and blood glucose test done. This will require a 12-hour fast prior to the test. At the end of your year, the same data will be collected to compare how much you have improved your health over the past year.

When can I start?
You can start at any time. Your enrollment period will begin when you enter the program and will last one year.

When do I finish?
You must complete your Commit 2B Fit form within one year of enrollment. PTO will only be added to your bank at the end of your year.

Why do I only get one point if I don’t smoke, but two if I quit?
This program is designed to encourage associates to change health behaviors, not to simply reward those who are already healthy. It is making the behavior change that is the most difficult and will have the most impact on us all, therefore, it receives the most reward.

How will this be kept confidential?
You are responsible for maintenance of your Commit 2B Fit form. A copy of your completed form will be kept in Health Services. Only the number of hours you earned will be sent to Accounting.

When do I collect data?
Your initial data will be collected at enrollment. You will also need to have data collected one year after enrollment (to compare your progress over the past year). After one year in the program, you will be able to use your prior year’s data as the initial.

I am a non-benefited employee, can I participate?
PRNs or contingent associates will receive PTO, which can be used at the discretion of their supervisor or manager.

Can I use old data?
You can also go back 30 days for current baseline data. For example, if you just had your lipids checked at your physician’s office, you can use that data.

Is there a limit to the number of hours I can receive from each category?
Yes. You can receive a maximum of four hours for weight, two hours for smoking and 10 hours for risk profile. Also, you may receive no more than two hours for each risk profile category (waist circumference, HDL).

May I complete the program early?
You must complete your post data within 30 days of the end of your enrollment period.