Weight Management Center

Make Weight Management a Lifetime Success
Living with a desirable weight can be vital to your good health. Maintaining that weight is not easy. The best and safest way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is with the help and advice of medical experts.

The Lutheran Weight Management Center offers hospital-based and medically supervised weight loss programs. Each person is provided with an individually tailored program designed to help them learn to manage their weight.

Staffed by experienced professional dietitians, nurses, behaviorists, exercise physiologists and physicians, the Lutheran Weight Management Center is dedicated to helping you reach realistic goals in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

The Center's programs includes:

  • Free consultation sessions to learn more about this unique, hospital-based weight loss center
  • Supervised care from physicians and other health professionals who are specialists in weight management
  • Exercise help and advice from the Center's exercise physiologists
  • Individually designed weight loss or maintenance plans

Special Programs for Special Needs
Because people are different, their weight management needs are different, too. To address those individual needs, the Lutheran Weight Management Center offers a variety of programs.

Optifast therapy is designed for those who have at least 50 pounds to loose or are 30 percent overweight or have other medical problems related to obesity. This program is divided into three phases. During phase one, patients receive behavioral, nutrition and exercise counseling. In addition, Optifast nutritional supplements are used during these 12 weeks.

For the next eight week phase, patients transition back to food while continuing to learn about behavior, nutrition and exercise. The last phase, which lasts for 26 weeks, emphasizes long-term weight management through positive lifestyle choices.

Metabolism is the body's process of converting food into energy to keep the body running and fuel daily activities. The team at the Lutheran Weight Management Center utilizes MedGem, a quick and convenient test, to find your body's "baseline" metabolism.

Why is this information valuable? Once we identify how much energy (calories) your body needs to function efficiently, we can help you establish a healthy diet that is tailored to your needs. Many other weight management programs simply base their meal planning on caloric intake without taking into account the needs of the individual.

One-On-One Counseling
A registered dietitian or behaviorist will spend time with you to develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals in a short period of time. So that you can lose weight, lower your BMI, lose inches, have more energy and be accountable with food diaries. A metabolic test is available upon request.

Half-hour and hour-long personal counseling sessions are available.

For More Information

All Lutheran Weight Management Center programs focus on realistic goals for weight loss and prepare you for the complex issues of day-to-day weight management. By working with medical personnel who are specialists in this field, you can make weight management a lifetime success.

For more information about our programs or to schedule a free initial consultation, call (260) 435-7844.