LHQA Benefits

As a collaborative network, together we will drive outstanding performance, enhance care coordination, improve quality outcomes and control health care costs for our patients.

Provider Benefits
  • Enhanced quality of care provided to patients
  • Support to remain in private practice
  • Improved alignment of services and care transitions across the care continuum
  • Access to IT solutions, quality data, outcomes research and other services
  • Negotiation vehicle with payors by demonstrating value through CI
  • Ability for network to promote itself on the basis of quality
  • Platform to help enable the network to develop integrated clinical protocols and best practices

Patient Benefits
The CIN’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of our patients across the continuum of care - including primary care, inpatient and specialty services. This mission includes establishing best practice clinical standards and patient care protocols for all participating CIN physicians and their patients. The patient is at the center of the CIN and the coordination of care between primary care, specialty care and the hospital to avoid redundancies and gaps is a cornerstone of population health management.