Four Nurses Honored as Most Recent DAISY Award Recipients

Lutheran Health Network recognizes extraordinary nurses from hospitals across the network with The DAISY Award. This international recognition program was established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes by members of his family. In late 1999, Patrick died at the age of 33 from complications of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon autoimmune disease. The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique way of thanking those professionals for making a profound difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Patients, families and colleagues are able to nominate nurses from any LHN hospital, urgent care clinic or Lutheran Health Physicians office for The DAISY Award. Recipients of this honor will receive an “Extraordinary Nurse” commendation, a DAISY Award pin and a hand-carved sculpture called “A Healer’s Touch,” created by artists of the Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe.

LHN is excited to recognize and share the stories of the dedication our recent DAISY Award recipients demonstrate each and every day:

Chris Gerardot, RN
St. Joseph Hospital

“From the moment we received the call about our son and raced to the hospital to speak with the physician, the news of his condition was not good. So as our family gathered, hugged, cried and talked, it was at that time nurse Chris immediately became part of our family. She would not only be our nurse, but she also would become the nurse for the other patients and their families who would be the recipients of our son’s organ donation. They will never know Chris and the big part she played in our son’s care as well as in the care for others, but her impact will be forever felt. She made it her mission to ensure that everything possible was being done to promise loved ones a “second chance” at life. We are so very proud that our son decided to be a donor and help someone else have the ability to have another birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas and new year. Chris did her job to make sure they received those opportunities. She cared for her patients, our son especially, just like she would a member of her own family. When the time came for us to walk our son down the hallway just one last time to the elevator to release him into the loving hands of the donor team, Chris had arranged for staff to line the halls in honor of our son’s heroic final moments. Our family is forever grateful for that honor and respect given. We are so blessed that our son was cared for by such a loving and compassionate nurse. We love you Chris and cannot thank you enough.”

DAISY Award winner

Janelle Lose, BSN, RN
Bluffton Regional Medical Center

“In early June, I started having pretty severe issues with a UTI and bleeding in the evenings. I debated whether I should go to the emergency room, but as the symptoms increased, I went by myself to the Bluffton Regional ER (due to COVID restriction). I was feeling pretty lousy and really wished my husband could have been by my side – then nurse Janelle Lose entered my care area. She was so sweet and funny, and that immediately helped me to feel better! As the night proceeded with testing, including blood work, Janelle did a wonderful job taking care of me. The fantastic ER doctor, Dr. Uppal, was not going to let me go without getting to the bottom of what was going on. Dr. Uppal and Janelle were SUCH a great team! A CT scan was eventually ordered, and it was discovered that I had a mass on my right kidney which didn't look so good. Janelle and Dr. Uppal contacted my husband, so he could be with me in the ER when I received this news. I found out later that Janelle had lost a brother due to illness, and her father has been very sick. She showed such kindness and compassion toward me during my time of need. I will NEVER forget her great care, and I'll always be grateful as I feel she and Dr. Uppal saved my life by discovering this mass I was completely unaware of.”

DAISY Award winner

Mindy Chapman, RN
Dupont Hospital

“I have had horrible issues with kidney stones. When Mindy was my nurse, she helped ease the pain both medically and with a caring heart. She sat there with me and let me cry it out when I needed to. When she left my room, I was laughing and in much better spirit. She always made a point to notify me of everything and continually check in on me – she has truly been the best nurse I have had. We talked about many things the short time she was in my room. Emotionally, mentally and physically, she took care of all of my needs while I was feeling low.”

DAISY Award winner

Korena Smith, RN
Dukes Memorial Hospital

Korena Smith was beyond sweet and helpful in my time of need. I was inconsolable, but she made the effort to stay by my side, hold my hand and keep me preoccupied during my stressful and heartbreaking situation. I really appreciate her kind and loving spirit. The way Korena showed she cared and continued to check on me meant more than I could say. My overall stay at Dukes Memorial Hospital was very pleasant. It wasn’t exactly ideal, for a good reason, but everyone was very polite and friendly. I felt very safe, welcomed and cared for. All of the staff kept me comfortable and very well taken care of. I appreciate and thank them all - the nurses, LPNs, cafeteria staff, housekeeping, grievance counselor, EVERYONE. I would definitely recommend someone else to get care here.

DAISY Award winner

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