Superstar Nomination Form

Please nominate a fellow team member, volunteer or physician for a Superstar Award by completing this form. Indicate how you believe your fellow team member has demonstrated the Dupont Difference! Be specific.

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Please check the standard you observed:
One service standard per form, please.

Courtesy — It all begins with courtesy … the way we approach our guests, their families, our physicians and fellow team members. This team member has used an encounter or interaction to show their dedication to customer service. From a phone call to intensive medical care we strive to treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
Image — We want everyone to feel comfortable in our facility. We strive to present a clean, healthy, inviting environment in which to care for our guests’ needs in a professional atmosphere. This team member represents the “Dupont Difference” to our guests.
Efficiency — Ours is an environment that is not only high tech but also high touch. The improvements we have made in equipment will allow us to devote more time to each guest. This team member develops or demonstrates ideas or actions that improve processes; allowing team members to spend more time focused on guest needs.
Individuality — We understand that everyone has special needs and wants. This team member is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our customers, guests and their families by providing individualized attention or care in a comfortable, healing environment.
Education — We are committed to providing continuing education for our team members and physicians to ensure that we provide the best possible care. As a good neighbor, we are also dedicated to offering educational
opportunities for our guests and the community. This team member has shown initiative or expertise in contributing to ongoing education of our guests, team or community in order to assure optimal health.
Please provide a specific example of how this team member, volunteer or physician demonstrated actions or behaviors that exceeded the service standard you have selected. One service standard per form, please.